Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Focus On Humility

Two weeks before Calvin reconvenes, the S-LC student staff assembles for a two-week intensive training. During this training we spend three hours crafting a covenant which reflects our hopes and commitments for the year.This year the staff focused on the responsibility we have to each other and to the rest of the community with an added emphasis on identity and humility.Through this covenant we hope to understand ourselves and our community better. By doing this, we can become better student leaders and better neighbors.


With mutual respect, we commit
to struggling with and asking these
questions of ourselves and others:

Who are you?
What identity have you been given?
What identity have you chosen?
How have I harmed you?
How can I love you?

How can I love myself?
How have I harmed myself?
What identity have I chosen?
What identity have I been given?
Who am I?