Friday, February 7, 2014

Community, Individuality, and The Lord's Prayer

It's the start of a new semester here in the S-LC, which entails the return of our weekly staff meetings Thursday night. Sitting in staff meeting this last Thursday was refreshing, as old staff, and some new faces, sat around one table. One of my favorite parts of the staff meeting is when we say The Lord's Prayer together. Our common practice is to say the prayer in whatever way we are accustomed.  This means we get everything from "debts" to"transgressions," "your kingdom" to "thy kingdom," and other slight differences to this common prayer. I love hearing all of our individual voices pray the Lord's prayer the way we were taught. My greater love, however, is hearing how all of these individual voices come together to form one communal prayer. To me, it's a great metaphor for Christian community.  We each bring our own individual spins, yet work for the same mission. At times during the prayer we describe or voice things differently, just like each of us in the office has our own views and ideas.  Even through our different ways of describing things, or our entirely different view points; however, we still come together, having the same mission in the end. It reminds me of one line in our covenant: "Fostering a community that values individuality."  Here's to growth as individuals, and as a community this semester.

Kelsey Stark
Communications Coordinator